Crypto News | Bitcoin Losing Steam, Reversal Inbound? Verge Team Caught Lying, Exit Scamming?

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  1. It is nice to see you take your time to review people's comments. I have been invested in a privacy coin called DeepOnion since Nov last year. Even the market is down since January majority of coins drop the price dramatically but I still have faith in DeepOnion. Not only because it has a clear vision what the team is trying to achieve long term but also they are able to delivery based on the road map step by step. More and more features are to be released soon. Vote centeral is also in the final countdown stage, which allows the community to decide what are the direction going forward. It would be great if you can review this coin and share your thoughts because I am only focus on one or two whereas you overseas the bigger space therefore your opinion and analysis would be more accurate than mine. Thanks in advance

  2. Hello Bull & Bear, nice informative video! I don't know how good or not Verge is but instead of that privacy-oriented cryptocurrency I would rather invest in Dash, Monero or DeepOnion, these ones have shown solid development until now!

  3. You should look at the MACD. The whales tried to drop the BTC further down, but there too many people hodling and not selling, we might have seen the bottom.

  4. Hey guys they still need to pay for time and effort to develop the support on ledger and some money is for marketing up coming get some more fact not report the same old fud

  5. Hey James, there's no Elastos (ELA) chart on TradingView yet. You viewed Elastic (XEL) instead.. which is another Decentralized Supercomputer project. WAX is a Mike Novogratz project coin on Digital Assets, perhaps a fundamental review suggestion?

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