Reboant VR Endless Dawn is a Gears Of War inspired VR first person action game made for Virtual Reality. Based on a long historical Sci-fi theme and inspired by Gears Of War 4 and similar action…


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  1. Guys, join my Discord server and let's chat! πŸ™‚ We are more than 200 people in there now:

    No it's not Gears Of War in VR, but hey it's currently as close at it gets! Having that said, before you spend your money on this game, please listen to my short first look review from 20:34 ?
    Gonna reply all new and old comments later tonight, cheers all!

  2. No free locomotion = solid pass for me. I have to boycott titles that favor #VRComfort over immersion.

    And the award for the worst named VR game of all time goes to . . . <drum roll please> . . . Reboant.

    "Reboant" sounds like some kind of insect like workout equipment that is available only from late night infomercials.

  3. Are the devs too bone idle to program in a free locomotion option or are they seriously that paranoid they are going to be taken to court for making someone feel a bit nauseous? Thanks for video Martin…you just saved me some more money ?

  4. thx for the video, going back to skyrim VR πŸ˜‰
    those plateform teleporting and shooting I hate, played many demos with it, it's pretty bad

  5. Christ developers, just let us walk in game teleport is cancer.
    Lame the enemies bee line to you, ignoring all the NPCs. Seems ok though.

  6. Presentation is excellent. Steam users reviews also complain about input lag. Also game is very short. πŸ™ That kills it for me. I buy game with longevity and replay value.

  7. Nice honest review from my man sweviver πŸ˜€ thanks for this review games look pretty cool iguess but yeah..for 20mins of gameplay def not worth it! But ill def keep an eye on it! Keep it up m8!

  8. It's called "grappling hook" πŸ˜›
    Thanks for sharing the game play! πŸ˜€
    Since the game is in Early Access mode, it should have mentioned that the game is not complete yet. I most certainly do mention it for my games (in the Steam page).

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