Huawei P20 Pro 48hr review

Before our full Huawei P20 Pro review drops, we thought we would give you an insight as to what we’re loving and not loving about Huawei’s new flagship. This phone has three cameras on the…


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  1. No no no its a big fuck up no headphone ? jack
    I leave my phone on charge an listen to music at the same time so my batt is always on charge its like a stand by so I'm ready to shoot off out wen me get a call. LOOKS LIKE ME GOING TO STICK WITH MY SONY PREMIUM XZ CAUSE THE 2 HAS NO JACK ALSO.. ?WAT THE FUK

  2. The mind boggles. Picking IR blaster over headphone jack.. Really? Sure, I get they're not the same size internally, but come on. The no headphone jack market will never solidify in to one connector because we have apple, everyone else, and non-phones all using different standards.

  3. it looks like several of these channels are run by the same lot of people. The Tech Chap, Mrwhostheboss and this channel all use the same material from what looks like a recent trip paris and london together.

  4. The only reason for not buying this phone at the moment is because it laks stabilization in 4k video. Does anyone know if this is going to be fixed with a software update?

  5. In future there will be a new generation of USB type C direct conection headphones… actuallythey already exist. next generation for people who want leads.

  6. A fucking notch? And no headphone jack, what's wrong with these people, must make the sheeple at apple feel really justified in the X. Leaders in form and function again, like fuck.

  7. alright. So we are talking about the camera, still average camera if compared to any dslr…Maybe time to buy a dslr camera and cheap phone for a phone calls?

  8. Could you test if the Batt. control is just as stupid as before, the previous Huawei phones is useless with bluetooth, keeps closing the running programs to save batt. Is it still an issue on the new phone.

  9. You go that way cunts? you go all the way and add the second notch at the bottom around the single button fuck sake imbecils double notch trully a thing to boast

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