Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Impressions!

Galaxy Note 8 has arrived. Looking a lot like a Galaxy S8+ with dual cameras and a stylus… which is not a bad thing at all. Video Gear I use:…


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  1. I'm so angry today my S9 plus was delivered but since I was out running errands there was nobody here in sign for it so they got to come back tomorrow

  2. you guys act like it's ok to spend 1000$ for a phone ur going throw away in a year..this is expensive habit even in first world country's like advertising to use's that expensive and unnecessary..!

  3. id like to see a video about how to maintain and the best way to charge your phone to get the most out of your phones battery.

  4. Have you found a way to record a video using the note 8 to be able to film past 10 mins or there's no way possible because of the high camera resolution of 4k?

  5. Putting one most used features on the phone (the fingerprint reader) in an awkward place because of "it would look ugly otherwise" is a dumb dumb decision…enough for me not to buy this phone, becuase I use the fingerprint reader e.v.e.r.y single time i pickup the phone.

  6. I HATE HATE HATE Bixby. S Voice could understand me better than 90% of the time. Bixby is about 50% and sends me the worst GPS directions ever experienced – got me lost several times. What good is an app if it can barely understand you? It was such a mistake not to wait until Galaxy Note 9 comes out so the bugs (especially with this hateful app) would probably be worked out.

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