10 Best Hot Hatchbacks on Sale in 2018 (Sporty Cars Buyer’s Guide)

If you always wanted to be an owner of a sports car but never dared to buy one due to its practical usage limitations or high price, you might have been looking in the wrong direction. Hatchbacks are perfect as daily drivers, while their hot modifications add that crazy sporty performance family cars usually miss. No need to opt for a two seater, no need to pay extra just for the sports car badging, hot hatchbacks are just as awesome, powerful and fast, at half a price. In this episode we will show you the best representatives of this class that burn roads all over the globe.

Here is the list of cars from this episode:
Renault Mégane R.S.: goo.gl/z7Efpa
2018 Honda Civic Type R: goo.gl/wqzAz5
2018 Ford Focus RS Limited Edition: goo.gl/MrNfYk
Hyundai i30N: goo.gl/UyzYDh
2018 Audi RS3 Sportback: goo.gl/cQ3erj
2018 Seat Leon Cupra R: goo.gl/FXycmk
2017 Peugeot 308 Gti: goo.gl/t6GvE9
2018 VW Up! GTI: goo.gl/mDoy54
Ford Fiesta ST: goo.gl/GKxAew
2018 VW Golf R: goo.gl/wX4rRD

Music Credits:
Faith by Declan DP


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  1. I understand that there are advantages to making the speedo and rev counter in the VWs digital, but I personally prefer physical gauges.

  2. Golf R > S3

    Up GTI.. Seriously..?

    Corsa OPC
    BMW m140i, 125d
    Mini Cooper S/SD/JCW
    Toyota Yaris Gr
    Ibiza FR 2.0 TDI
    Audi S1
    Polo GTI
    208 gti
    Clio R.S.

  3. after testing some of the cars on the list, i went for the Peugeot (will arrive in 2 weeks). The light and agile feeling got me and the price is lower than i expected considering the large amount of equipment. On the other side, it also beat the Huyndai N and Golf GTI in circuit.Underrated car if you ask me.

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