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When will the crypto market bounce back? Cryptocurrency market news!
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  2. Crypto is not so noob friendly. if you are going to be mining, you have
    to be technologically literate. you cant just go spending money slapping
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  3. While waiting for the market bounce back, it's useful to invest Ether in other places, such as in the crypto games like CryptoCelebrities to gain more profits every time the celebs are traded.

  4. I hate my brother He did Crypto behind our back in his room We did not know about crypto and he said why would I tell you guys and now he is a milionair?? Fucking hate him He bought vertcoin for 5000 euro when it was not even a cent fucking hate him….

  5. It’s always good to see your videos to stay positive and keep invested!!??

    Hope for the same for litecoin to bounce back to 120-130$, so that we can buy more..


  6. So my question is that. Should we buy more as all or do you think that the market is gone go a little bit down around 15-16 of February.
    There is also my BTC address : 19ju3TaoLrWBciCXm6R3uCKtghrkbg45Sh

  7. I am getting into cryptocurrency and found your channel :)… love the news and feedback you give, keep up the great work!!


  8. I pray the market recovers soon. I just invested $15,000 in ASICS. Kinda feel like a river boat gambler at this point. 


  9. I am hearing a lot of positive talk about I think crypto currencies in general are going to explode this year, It will change the Way we bank forever.


  10. Every month market disps or stays low I invest 300evr… I have big predictions for the end of the year XD So I dont mid if it dips even more XD

  11. To invest in cryptocurrencies and earn profitable wages you need a strategy that will help you bypass market risk.. The strategy is programmed to optout portfolio when price is low.. It will also sell off or switch to higher cryptocurrencies keeping you on maximized payout.. I have made over $400k with this strategy without losing a dime.. more info contact

  12. My 60 year old dad doesnt even know how to open internet browser or shut down a pc, but even he said that he will buy a full bitcoin if it reaches 3k.

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