Huawei Mate 10 Pro review

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is one of the latest smartphones to hit the market. To find out all about it, watch our video review right here. This slick phone features a curved glass back and a 6-inch…


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  1. I like this phone It looks fantastic. I will change phone and I say myself that Samsung S9+ is my nexst. But Im not sure now. I can save 368 US Dollar If I bay this Huawei phone. Its mutch Money. And many say this Huawei is better than Samsung S9+. Not easy now! I think you pay 368 US Dollar fore the name Samsung. Samsung is leader In marked. But Huawei have Leica lens. Bouth 6GB Ram. Not easy! Nice video and all peopel give Huawei 10 Pro fantastic critic.

  2. If you care about headphone jack and SD slot, go for Mate 10 (non-pro). The only downside of non pro version is it has an OLED display and less water proof. Otherwise, camera, cpu, system, etc. are all the same, and it has headphone jack and SD card slot.

  3. I disagree with the gaming part. For the price, you are much better off buying a oneplus or even razer phone for gaming. Huawei phones are powerful but if you game the battery is not going to last nearly as long as cheaper android phones with a snapdragon 835

  4. I'm going to get a phone today. But I'm literally sweating with dilemma between this mate 10 pro and the iPhone X!!!! I cannot decide!!! I cannot decide!!!
    The two things I really care about is the camera and the sound system on the phone!! It sounds like it's pretty shitty on the huawaii and the apple really gets it!
    The pictures are also better over all with a less forced and sharp bocca on the iPhone X but I really like the beauty mode on mate 10!!!
    Do you think I can tweek the mate 10 setting with the burning of the background so that it looks amazing? Or is it fixed??

  5. make comparison(at max. brightness)
    1. Mate10 full hd vs Mate10pro full hd
    2.Mate10 2k vs Mate10 pro full hd
    And for
    Mate10 more than ip53 water resistance tests

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