In-Game with Clutch Gaming’s Apollo Price | Esports | ESPN

Ovilee May sits down with Houston Rockets’ owned Clutch Gaming AD Carry Apollo “Apollo” Price to play a game of League of Legends and break down the team’s recent successes in the North American…


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  1. personally, i have nothing against esports. but mobas arent my favourite type of games.
    and i prefer real sport over digital sport every day.

  2. Definitely, a lot will be revealed in a best of 5 format come playoffs.
    Btw for the ones bashing, this "Not A Sport" game generated more viewers than the NBA finals.

  3. Welcome to the gaming community this guy is a perfect example, instead of fucking this lady’s brains out he’s playing a video game and orgasming too it.

  4. Sports organizations can accept and push esports to it's fullest…Just wish the rest of society would appreciate the skill and brains it takes.

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