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  1. This and Ori are my favourite kids games that dont have to be full of digital violence. I applaud any game creator that can make a story interesting while still being relatively peaceful in nature. There is very VERY little competition in the game market for a game that is visually and audibly beautiful as well as stimulating in terms of problem solving.
    We need more games like this.

  2. i swear i love this game so much but this review just says all the bad things in the game. they do include a few good things but when they do they make it seem like they weren't good at all?
    This makes me feel like the people who did this review are bias

  3. I'm not sure about the game… it looks awesome and cute… the music is beautiful too. But… I'm not sure if I should buy it. There is a sale on the switch it only costs 12.99€ now.

  4. 6.5? I am starting to question if you really played it. I have played it for 4 hours already and not finished the story at all. It feels massive and usually I would get tired of same art style but Fe didn’t give that feeling. I am not sure how but I loved to explore and puzzle the story together. Sure the cutscenes was slow but it made you try to understand what’s happening.

    Something I noticed in the comments was the confusion of who made the game.

    EA published the game but the studio called zoink made it. With the unity engine at that!

    Overall this isn’t a review, this is more of a “personal opinion”. I highly recommend checking other reviewers. This one is not justified.

  5. I own this on the Switch and I personally like the game. The story is at all clear and piecing it together is difficult but it's not terrible. I've beaten the game and now I'm hunting down the last of the gems I missed. I imagine there will be no replay value after that but the soundtrack is gorgeous. My favorite song is the water serpents. Love it.

  6. For me personally I disagree with this review. Bought the game myself and I love it! Music is amazing, visual is amazing, and I love the aspect of mystery or trying to piece the story together. I also love the puzzle aspects of the game as those are my favorite things to do. For me this is one of the best games I've played and I would love to see more added to the game or a follow up someday.

  7. "There were a lot of ideas that weren't explored to their fullest potential."
    What did you expect dude? This was made by an indie company with a team of 25 people under a deadline. Of course they can't finish/implement every little feature to the scale of a AAA game.

  8. I had a lot of fun with the game, the art and music is fantastic. This reviewer gave Celeste a 10, that should give you of the type of game he likes. Fe is relaxing, it seems he just wants an adhd button spamming platformer.


    I'd say it's more a 8/10. I love how adorable and charming it is, and how you can call on a bird when you are stuck. You also didn't mention the stealth parts where you needed to sneak past the robots to get a seed or something like that to progress in the game. It was severely annoying when I missed a jump and had to start over though…
    It was amazing how you could communicate with everything in the forest to help you! Even PLANTS could help! I think it was overall a quality game that I would definitely recommend

  10. I actually really enjoyed this on the Switch. Played it pretty much nonstop the weekend it came out. I admit it isn't the longest but I do still have a few gems to find, and I thought it was worth the $20.

  11. I would say, if this game looks good to you, get it. I just started playing and I haven't really had time to sit down and play it for hours, but picking it up again was so easy from where I left off and I really loved the platforming and communicating with animals to save this forest from whatever those tall monster are.

  12. I really enjoyed playing Fe and appreciated it for what it was. I went in expecting a nice short adventure and that’s what I got. I didn’t think of comparing it to Mario Odyssey because it’s not trying to be a big game like that. I recommend you pick it up, it’s a very beautiful and somewhat emotional game

  13. Guys, there ain't a single mention of DLC or season pass in the game and nothing is locked behind a paywall, the game is reasonably cheap and it's like genuinely good, can we like take a break from bashing EA and appreciate a nice game that wasn't even created by them?

  14. This was a well made review.
    If you're flaws outweigh your positives, then this is the score you'll be getting.

    Fe honestly is something that is aimless, but lacks to intrigue the desire to explore. Then it just collapses.

  15. IGN be like:
    “Oh, wow! A game with a cool art style set in the Scandinavian forest! This’ll be great to review! Oh, but it’s published by EA. We’ll give it a bad review because EA are bad.”

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