Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Impressions! (& GS6 Edge+)

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus! Hands on and first impressions of Samsung’s 2 BIG new Android flagships. Video Gear I use: …


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I'm watching on a SAMSUNG-SM-N920V and its camera is messed up. It's annoying. And I hate verizon for using the snapdragon instead of the exynos.

  2. omg now I want the note 5 over the s6 edge (not the edge plus) because of the s pen. I have a note 3 but the s pen clicking is addicting! seeing marques click the top looks like fun

  3. what Samsung should do is make two version one with home button(fake I phone) or on screen buttons the way Android is intended

  4. Everyone shut up! Who cares about your removable battery and sd card and yada yada. There are many phones that don't have removable backs and stuff and you don't complain so stop picking on Samsung and go elsewhere

  5. It be nice if they made this water resistant. I would of bought this phone but since they took a lot of the things that matter on the phone, but i rather stay with my galaxy s5.
    I hope with the next phone that come out is water resistant, and with the other figures that Samsung phones had.

  6. I hate the fact that everyone is saying it's like an iPhone you do realise that there are not many different ways you can make a phone look/how it's manufactured. plus if you haven't noticed smartphones are looking very similar nowadays this means that we are getting closer to the perfect size, resolution, battery capacity, storage and features. who cares if it kinda resembles an iPhone that means that they have a stable design that can be modified. IT'S NOT ABOUT LOOKS IT'S ABOUT FUNCTION!! plus it is easier and cheaper to make a phone without a removable back and battery or micro SD card slot it's got the functions you need also who the fuck needs more that 32gb unless you plan on using the camera a lot seriously you don't need that many apps plus with the battery buy a battery bank you can get ones that are only twice the thickness of a credit card with 1500+mah for £15

  7. It's funny how everyone is complaining about the features that are lost in the new flagships. Here is why I think all reasons to complain are pathetic:
    1. No SD card slot.
    This is just stupid. Cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox are better and offer 15 GB for starters each.
    2. No removable battery/smaller battery
    Also kinda dumb. Few people actually used it, and many software/hardware optimizations have been done such as a debloated touchwiz and fast charging along with Project Volta as well.
    3. No IR blaster.
    Not too bad here. There is a $10 ir blaster you can attach to your phone via audio jack that can be used instead.
    4. Premium Design.
    I think the premium design is the way to go. It increases the perceived value and actually looks like it costs $780 instead of something like $200, which is the price it is now and the price it should be.

    Now stop complaing and realize the changes were upgrades, not downgrades.

  8. The biggest disappointment I found on GS 6, edge, edge plus, note 5 and ALL previous samsung devices. THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO REOPEN APPS ! I kinda understood that with with previous models with 3gb RAM , but now they put in 4 gb of RAM and they still have the same problem ?! This needs to be fixed ASAP.

  9. I definitely need some help on deciding what phone to get next. I'm not sure if I want the galaxy note 5 or the iphone 6s plus. I need some input, what do you think!?

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