My Top 5 PERSONAL Crypto Coin Holds

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  1. Lol glad I'm not young buy and sale high yes long turn lol not untell the intelligent war happens and money it self falls then a one crypt comes around thats what ill buy. Now food gold and a safe places sounds good. Lets have history repet itself fun. Stay alive and the winners of history tells the history

  2. I bought 1000 cardano in December and since I went to sub $0.20 level, I picked up another 6000. Can’t wait for the next bull run, I can actually go to college if it skyrockets

  3. If you had 100 BTC then wouldn't BCH make your top five list? Unless of course you bought after aug 1 2017 in which case your BTC has only 3 xed and you would have been stupid to sell off to buy stuff. Or you were an idiot and sold off BCH early. Nice vid though. thnks.

  4. Me too…I’m a HODLer as well. I don’t know anything about trading or day trading. I’ve invested $24k since December 2017 & my current balance is half of that ? However, I feel if I keep HODLing, it will all pay off in a year or so ???

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