Crypto News | Has Bitcoin Reached Bottom? Tim Draper Buys More BTC. More Bullish News For VEN & ONT


I am buying more Bitcoin, says Tim Draper

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  1. Hi James, Are you looking to attend the NEO meet up later this week……….or the Blockchain conference at the end of the month. Both are in London and might be a nice arena for project insight /.feedback etc for your followers.

  2. Hi James. You mentioned putting in some limit orders on coinbase at 5500 but as far as I know you can't do limit orders on coinbase. Could you clarify?

  3. Hey James can you talk about bitmex and leverage trading in one of the videos. Another one could be btc futures. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey bro! Maybe a serie about the terms that we use in crypto? Like a series about shardin, crosschain or the difference between blockchain projects lets say builder block vs utility chain? Oh and please do more with telegram so this community can brainstorm about all the different projects and TA. Keep em coming!

  5. James, thanks for takingvthe time to share with the common person. It is much appreciated and look forward to more of the educational TA training that you speak of…i have read most of the white paper but would love to have it disected and explained to non-tech peoples in the way that you are able to explain the ta. Dumb it down for us slower folks. Great job and look forward to your response.?

  6. James could you confirm with 100% accuracy when we are going to get a 100k bitcoin? I need to book a holiday and momma need some new shoes!

  7. James, how about analyzing and monitoring rich lists of a few main coins to get a pulse on money flows? This would be real value added.
    I’ve not yet read the BTC white paper.

  8. bitcoin isn't going back to 10k. Retail isn't dumb enough to invest in this manipulated trash. past 7 months all these you tubers say the same crap and for 7 months its been down. T/A means absolutely nothing in crypto. for New people seeing this don't invest in crypto worst decision I've ever made in my life. stick to regulated markets warren buffet was right.

  9. Any good book recommendations for understanding different Crypto technologies work, pro's and con's (e.g. diff DAG's, sharding, hashgraph, lightning, dual token crypto's etc)

  10. hey james have you noticed when BTC was falling from 13k theres a bunch of people calling for 3k on tradingview and presently theres a bunch of people calling for 1k lol

  11. James a coin review of NKN would be brilliant. Congratulations on going full time i wish you every success. The crypto world needs guys like you !!!

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