Best smartphone to buy: Smartphone Buying Guide 2013

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  1. I was lucky to have a friend recommend some sites. You could find some price differences between them but in overall I believe that Focalprice offers competitive prices and most important thing for me is Customer service-I had few problems but they reacted promptly and solved issues to my satisfaction. They often have discounts and promotions. If you want to check there is one these days

  2. LG Optimus G vs Nexus 4 vs Samsung Galaxy s3 vs Huawei ascend p6??? all of these devices are the same price in my country

  3. can someone please help me today i'm going to buy a smartphone but i dont want to give more than 250 euros so wich phone should i get the moto g 16 gb or wich one  ? iis there a better one  ?

  4. Based on everything said here, the LG G2 is the way to go. Best hardware at this time(Snapdragon 800 quad core and Adreno 330 with 1080p 5.2" IPS display) and is very ergonomic with 3,000 mAh battery and I got mine for only $50(at&t model).

  5. On board Storage is one of the reasons why I'm currently waiting for my carrier to offer the 32GB model of the Nexus 5 instead of just the 16GB model, especially since Google has killed microSD expandable memory since the original Nexus phone. Even though I'm placing to store alot of my media on a WiFi hard drive, when I want to take a photo, record a video, or download an app, I don't want to have to worry about the storage space of my device

  6. Btw how do i know if i buy a phone for example from europe that will work in the middle east or anypart of the world cuz i heard there r phone that doesnt work on specific mobile carriers !? #pleasehelp

  7. Thanks alot lads i luv ur channel website etc.. u make it informative and sleeky interesting i have been dying to upgrade my gs3 cuz of it being slower due to some reason i tried to fix it via software etc but not good as it used so i was aiming for gs4 but in saudi arabia we only find 16gb versions of most phones except iphone and htc one and the note3 which was my dilemma i was gonna buy one but i found a gs4 with 32gb but its 3g :'( no 4g which disappointed me

  8. I'd Like to save my eye's as you see, So i'll Go with the iPhone, I enjoy Using the iPhone more than any other device, Retina is enough to save battery

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