Kingdom Come: Deliverance Review

Kingdom Come: Deliverance reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC. Also available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. First 26 Minutes of Kingdom Come Deliverance:…


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  1. It’s really bad…. combat locks you in. Small bushes catch you. Enemies chase you for miles. Not worth 60$.

  2. huge disappointment, the whole story is just u running around to the towns talking to other people, and lots of cutscene where is the action, should not have been marketed at 60$ considering the repetitiveness

  3. This would have been the perfect game for character creation. Whether it was a mute protagonist or one with an iconic last name like "Shepherd" (<- example)

  4. I do this in real life. I used to work as a stunt double/extra and I also belong to A knighood order/club. Even with blunt swords I have so many cuts on my knuckles and legs , but it's still my passion

  5. If anyone is up for a different perspective, I did a detailed review of this game (on Xbox One X). Others have enjoyed it maybe you will too. I'm small but it's high quality stuff. Hope to help!

  6. Having worked on a user interaction app, I know bugs and glitches are inevitable. But layering a you-can't save system on top of that is not. I would never treat users so badly, so that is a deal killer for me.

  7. "portrayal of medieval life falls back on a some older stereotypes and misconceptions" what are you talking about? This game was incredibly well researched and seemed very careful not to put anything in the game that wasn't historically accurate aside from the story itself. You didn't even explain what you meant by this…

  8. Really good ideas, shame it's packed with glitches & hard crashes still i managed to finish it (well if that IS the actual end, seemed like dlc bait) but i really like the story and gameplay (especially swordsplay) heres hoping for a huge patch so i can jump back into this world.

  9. So the message im getting is, if i wait a couple of months until the bugs have largely fixed, this should be one of the best games in recent years?

  10. So you are saying this deserves the same rating as that s*** COD WW2. Wow. This is exactly why it's so easy to tell IGN is so full of s***, and you need to check with more honest channels for reviews.

  11. Si eres español y estás leyendo esto estás de suerte! Seguramente al ver este vídeo has tenido ganas de jugar Kingdom Come Deliverance, en mi canal vas a encontrar todos las guías y tutoriales para ser un semidiós en este juego.

  12. I hope they fix the bugs. It looks like it will be a great game if they can fix most of them. All open world games have bugs, but if they fix the game breaking ones (the ones that he had to reload an earlier save file on) then it'll be fine. Then again, Fallout 4 still had game breaking bugs (last time I checked). The Memory Den one that I had to use a mod to get around on the xbox.

  13. I half expected this game to fly under the radar, like a hidden gem. but the day it came out they were sold out. guy at the store said I'd had to wait 2 weeks to a month till they had more in stock. had to download it as that was actually faster for once. loving this game, needs some ironing out though.

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