Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 2, Week 1 | Esports | ESPN

Big movement at the top and bottom highlight this week’s Overwatch League Power Rankings, and Tyler Erzberger joins Victoria Arlen to break it all down. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube:…


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  1. The problem with putting this on ESPN is that the intended audience isn't the same as ESPN's base audience. There's many esports fans subbed to ESPN but the majority of ESPN subs aren't esports fans, so obviously the people who don't care about esports are going to bitch and moan and belittle the whole thing

  2. Already more videos of this than our hockey teams! But seriously I liked that they had a little segment for this, fun to watch, that's it.

  3. To those asking why this is on ESPN. Welcome to the future! Why you people are crying over this shows just how disconnected you are. ESPORTS is fast approaching a Trillions dollar industry. OFC people want in on that money. This IS the future…like it or not.

  4. this whole video game thing growing is cool but at the same time is bad sad and dumb. people are becoming so isolated from life. I used to play all day as middle schooler but this aint everything

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