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  1. On the behalf of myself and myself only, I would like to address the conflict that plagues this comment section. The topic of wether or not Esports can be considered sports. My short answer: yes, with an open mind, and acknowledgement of what it takes to be an athlete almost any activity (barring passive ones) could qualify as a sport. The longer answers is a bit more complicated. Let us begin with a similar example of a less vigorous physical activity turned into a professional sport. Chess, an intense clash of the minds that Pitts two people against each other in a battle of wits. Clearly chess is not as physically demanding as say football. But why then is it considered a sport. Perhaps the answer lies not in the activity presented, but rather in the commitment to the activity. To reach the level of professional chess requires more than natural skill. You must put in practice, you must put in committment, and you must put in strategy. To compare, lets take a look at a popular Esports game by the name of League of Legends. Practice of the game (often vigorous practice at that) is often required to attain the level of skill needed for even a shadow of a chance at taking 1st in an ESports competition. Another more unique requirement is vigorous research of the games characters, items, and maps. This ties hand in hand with the commitment part as it takes several more hours to perform research on such a broad and ever changing subject. Finally, the strategy portion comes naturally as it takes strategic team compostion, positioning, and combat to be victorious among other skilled players. In closing Esports meet many of the required standards of other less physically demanding sports. They take a lot of time, practice, and teamwork to succeed in, sharing many of the values of other sports. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone is entitled to a belief. But that realm is shattered by the presence of insults and harsh uninformed judgement (aka calling people virgins).

    (This took forever to type on a phone)

  2. Wheres rocket league? If ESPN were to broadcast any esport and highlight it in a video like this, it should be rocket league. Soooo much more skill is required.

  3. I’m a gamer who loves video games but I’m also an athlete who loves sports. This is NOT a SPORT it’s a HOBBY. This requires no physical ability other than sitting on a chair playing with a controller or keyboard staring at a monitor. I understand ESPORTS 100% it’s stressful & competitive BUT definitely not a SPORT. I’m trying to type this comment as fact as I can on my phone so if I call it a sport does it make it a sport?? Of course not.

  4. Cmon ESPN
    Just make another channel for ESports
    Don’t post this shit on ESPN
    U have to realize tht esports is for a certain audience not ESPN audience

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