Moto G5 Vs G4: Still the best budget phone?

The Moto G4 has been a firm favourite as a our best budget smartphone. With the release of the Moto G5 at MWC 2017 – will Moto retain it’s crown? Here is our on the floor Vs of the two phones…


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  1. I bought a Motorola G5..
    I had so many problems with it..
    So I brought it back and got a new one.. and I'm having nothing but problems with it… I've been a Motorola user for years..
    I'm disgusted with the customer service the lack of rapport and then them telling me that they're going to send me a refurbished/ used phone when I purchased a brand new one..

    I used to love Motorola…
    After dealing with customer service and crappy phones I'll never buy a Motorola again..

    The service and warranty is just terrible along with a very lousy phone

  2. I just broke my G4, and I can't find one anywhere for a decent price to replace it. Looks like I'm going to have to downgrade to the ugly stupid grey flashy enormous-camera-on-the-back smaller screened G5. Fuck. I REALLY hate Motorola right now.

  3. I love the way these reviews can condescend a bigger screen almost like its a disadvantage. "The Moto G5 is easier to wield in the hand"…bollocks.

  4. OK, just started using this phone and typing this on it now. Volume is WAAAAAY lower than my Nokia lumia 635, viewing pics taken at 13mp look no way as clear and sharp? need to do a direct comparison yet so hope it's better on the laptop. Also being a big fan of Windows and pissed off at the lack of Windows phones now this is my first Android phone. First thoughts,,,,,HATE IT!!!. Google this Google that everything on this phone is linked to bloody Google. Navigation though the menus and apps is soooo simple and straight forward on Windows and Google isn't rammed down your neck. Once Microsoft bring out their new phoned (can't recall what the new system is being called) I can see me going back to that. I'll report back after more useage as I could be making a premature rant coz I've spat out my windows dummy.

  5. I've just bought a G5 (£142) as my first venture into Motorola after years of Nokia and Samsung. Anyhow after watching many reviews I would like to point out 1, There is NO metal on this phone, 2 There is No metal on this phone and 3, There is NO metal on this phone. The phone is grey plastic, it doesn't look or even feel like metal. The chrome coloured trim is chrome coloured plastic trim just like a VW badge on a steering wheel. I'd hate to drive a car built by these tech guys lol. Anyhow I've yet to use it as I don't have a nano sim only a micro sim.

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