ESPN President Says eSports Is Not a Sport – IGN News

ESPN President John Skipper doesn’t consider eSports as a sport, he mentioned during the Code/Media Series: New York conference on Thursday, categorizing it as a competition along with strategy…


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  1. The united states goverment only recognises video gaming as a sport because for evil corporate activities, to make a lot of money out of this crap. PERIOD

  2. This dickhead at my school today was basically saying that him going home and playing counterstrike is more work than me and my teammates going out to practice in the blazing heat for 3 1/2 hrs, then lifting, then film study. And that is why I dislike these nerds that call themselves athletes bc they can twiddle their thumbs.

  3. why is everyone focusing on the words… Does it matter if its defined as a sport or not? Painting is not a sport, but its respected. In my opinion neither chess or videogames are sports. But that doesnt really matter though.

  4. But now they have eSports as part of their espn website treating it like a regular sport. Things changed when they saw how much money the esports industry made in 2015.

  5. Basically, those who think esport is a real sport are not good at any type of sport in real life. wtf sport sounds so weird lmao like sport sport

  6. Those people who would even consider esport to be sports are idiots need to die. Kill them with fire! They are examples of the huge decadence of our society.

  7. This goes out to the morons trying to down the competitive gaming community… Is competitive "eating" a sport? Is NASCAR a sport? Is the national spelling bee a sport? Or how about poker. Is poker a sport? Every single one of them are on ESPN. So you can save the "it's not a sport" babble for another debate where it might actually make sense. The ESPN president is a complete hypocrite and a scumbag. He will be all over the "esports" scene when he grows a full functioning brain and realize how much money is in the industry.

  8. Hey sports fans if boxing is a sport why is Mayweather considered the best. Hitting w/o getting hit is more of a chess match than a sport. Esport may not have physical strains but it's more of a sport than my fat dad hitting a ball then getting a cart ride for 100 yards helped by a caddie . Esport is a sport I rather watch 1 good league of legends match than 20 superbowls. Guess what I play football in college. It's all perception.

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