Smartphone camera test: Google Pixel vs iPhone 7 vs Samsung S7 vs HTC 10 vs Sony Xperia XZ vs LG G5

In our final part of our ultimate smartphone versus, it’s the battle of the cameras. In order to determine a winner and the best camera you can get from your mobile we’ve pit each phone against…


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  1. Guys, look at the photos of lg g5 more closely. It has more detales.
    Look at the my top:
    1. Google pixel
    2. Iphone 7
    3. Lg g5
    4. Samsung g. S7
    5. Htc 10
    6. Sony xperia xz

  2. for low light the htc was best. Best noise reduction if u check shadows and it was better exposed with preserved details because it and the iPhone are the only phones with the fence not blurred out but the 10 was better so it gets the win.

  3. Thanks a lot for this test, its very helpful! Im just looking for a smartphone with really good camera. Could you do this same with a new HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G6 and Huawei P10? 🙂

  4. Once you run the DSLR photos through post-processing (like they're designed to be) they will blow the phones out of the water

  5. Review sites like this will always praise whom ever is providing the cash flow. It's the same reason when you go into a Verizon, Sprint, BestBuy, etc that the first phones they through in your race is either a Samsung or iPhone, because they are compensated for it. Now the google pixel (though worth the praise) is also among these.

  6. lol I'm sorry but I think this was a piss poor test. I've used all of these phones and know where some perform better than others and I saw none of this here. Just because a camera does better in a "point and shoot" scenario doesn't make it a better camera lol… As in a point and shoot scenario you could do the same test a number of times and get completely different results from over and over again making this teat impractical. Even with a DSLR you would be required to make minor adjustments etc… If you aren't lazy and don't mind taping the screen to focus and want a very capable smartphone camera, the 1.) pixel 2.)HTC 10, and 3.) S7 are the best three you can grab out of these (DXOMARK WOULD AGREE). The iPhone, would be #4 and the LG G5 would be #5.

  7. in the first image where you said the HTC 10 failed I thought it took the clearest most realistic photo of the guy. Yes the light in the background may have drowned out the photo but what do you expect with a camera with large pixels (more light) this can easily be adjusted by a slide of the finger on the screen when taking the shot. Due to the HTC 10 having larger pixels it will prove more capable than most in more scenarios etc, but may require slight adjustments of the lighting when there is bright lights in the background. All the other cameras may not have the bright background light but their images also look unrealistic and pixelated. the Sony, and iPhone are probably the next best ones in this photo.

  8. Seriously i think your htc10 got some camera issue, in first pic of that smiling guy nokia 3310 (2017) can take better pic than that, i own htc10 and camera is nothing less that others

  9. Guys give me some advice. I'm going to buy a phone, but I'm confused.
    Samsaung s7:waterproof,better video,good at lowlight, extra camera features
    Pixel:better photos,Google assistant,
    Which one will be better? Mainly I need a good camera phone!

  10. i think that they should use phones like s7 edge not s7 . iphone 7 plus not iphone7 . google pixel xl not google pixel and 2 to 3 DSLRs and other are looool.

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