Galaxy S9+ vs iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL portrait mode comparison

It’s comparison time as we test the portrait modes across three flagships: the Samsung Galaxy S9+ vs Apple’s iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2. Bokeh – aka, blurred background modes are made…


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  1. Lemme tell ya, even though It took some time, but my pixel 2 XL is killing the shots compared to my brother's iPhone x, (ignoring YouTube videos, but a regular consumer usuage)lookin for the best camera, you won't regret the pixel 2 xl

  2. Honestly I don't know how you android users survived all this time! Going on three weeks, and other than the beautiful display, its utterly trash. Apps crashes or becomes unrepsonsive. I get emails that would somehow auto delete and i miss important messages. Theres no stability in the software at all.

    I've owned an iphone as my last phone and now I regret so much switching to android. I'm going to switch out my sim and go back to apple and leave this S9+ as a portable video player. And a expensive one at that ?

  3. You said witch smartphone takes the best artificial bokeh and samsung first photo did better than Google pixels xl2 and iphone x samsung looks more professional camera this guy doesn't have black hair too much contrast on pixel and iphone

  4. How is this possible that you're showing so badly taken S9 shots? Every photo of my S9+ Exynos Version is tack sharp. I don't see any of issues you're talking about. I was using iPhone X for some time and this phone is not even close to the quality of S9 photos. This is very suspicious because S9+ is a really great phote with stunnin camera that operates in real time. Google Pixel 2 needs some time to process that bokeh effects. It takes from 2 to 6 seconds. So there is no possibility to take fast shots of your children or something else. Beaware of that.

  5. did you turn the face beautifier on the s9+ off? Its turned on by default. My shots do not look like that at all when I took pictures of the S9+.
    Check out my review and unboxing on my channel btw.. 🙂

  6. Why don't you do a review on the pixel phone, the camera, that's it?
    I am sick and tired of hearing how great the camera is! But what about the phone?…
    I went to Best buy and I pickup the pixel phone and I checked it out, and I was not that impressed! To be honest I was very surprised! The phone looks and feels like a low end phone..Cheap plastic!. The Pixel fan boy need to start telling the truth about the Pixel,

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