Surprise Splinter Cell & Ghost Recon Crossover – IGN Daily Fix

John Krasinski talks The Office reboot possibilities, PUBG has a cool event this weekend and Sam Fisher makes a surprise appearance! John Krasinski Talks Office Reboot…


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  1. We're pretty excited for the possibility of a new Splinter Cell after this — what other Tom Clancy crossovers would be cool? – Producer Dan

  2. Wildlands already has the Blacklist outfit… I wonder if the event is something like the predator mission, but with you hunting evil Sam Fisher

  3. they BETTER make another frickin' Splinter Cell especially since Hitman and Metal gear failed to reach the mark we know and love and seems to be dying

  4. Boy you’re pretty disrespectful towards a very beloved franchise. You’ve got a face for radio anyway. How did you get this gig ?You look 60 your damn self.

  5. A new splinter cell game has practically been announced by Microsoft
    They purchased the marketing rights for a few games, splinter cell was one of em. 2018 is gonna be a great year

  6. When your friend got invited to a secret ubi meeting talking about SC and then you hear the og Sam Fisher voice actor and know something is up for sure

  7. Okay, so I miss Naomi in a pervy kinda way, but Brian Altano is just the best… I wish he could always host the fix… LEGEND. Oh, and I’ve wet my pants a little over the Splinter Cell news.

  8. Man all I know is if they do a new Splinter Cell it had better not be the Ubisoft formula I swear if I'm running around taking down Outpost I'm going to be so pissed just get the team that did Blacklist and let them make a sequel because that is hands down one of the best stealth Action game ever made. Fight me!

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