Razer Phone vs Huawei Mate 10 Pro – LIVE Q&A

The Huawei Mate 10 and Razer Phone are two of the best value flagships out now. With the same RRP – £699. The Razer can be had for even less on Three here in the UK, but how do the phones…


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  1. The Razer is a gamers design choise, you cant compare it to a phone that tries to elegant.. I would go for the Razer anytime if I choose with design as main criteria..

  2. Take this whit you to next Razer video

    The heat after playing one houer of games.

    Is there protection case for the Razer.

    Can you like play some games on the phone to show peopel ?

    Can you compare it to iphone X in gaming and se whitch feels smoother.

    Do you know who to se fps in games?

    Thx and hope to se ur new video.

  3. I've pre-ordered the razer based on your first look (on my head be it btw?) a link or any info on the camera apk would be hugely appreciated please Basil.

  4. Razer phone is the phone in my dream long time ago. This phone make another phone look-like Gay-phone even my Lg G6????

  5. Is the razor phone 120 rate noticeable? I mean everyone asks about how smooth iPhone X is and pixel 2 is, can u see better smoothness on the razor.

  6. the reason your getting such shit battery life is because your kept the resolution at 2k and 120hz!!
     if your gonna use 120hz then put the display down to 1080. also the phone comes at 90hz stock because of this reason so bad comparison.

  7. Hey Basil great Q&A however I just have one question. You say that the Razer phone is a beefier or bigger device however I just wanted to know in your opinion on how grippy it is? I have a Nexus 6P and the metal is pretty slippery so if compared to the Nexus 6P does it contain more grip?

  8. I think the optimalisation is more important than the number of rams. I am using OnePlus 3T with the 6 gb of ram and all the time the heavy applications reload and the phone just unable to keep everything in the background. And when I check my ram management on my phone I always have 3 gb ram free so I don’t understand the reloading issue.

  9. I have a few questions. Will there a updated Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra? How do these phones match up with the essential now that it's under $500. When you lower the CPU Clock speed and make it 60hz seen how long will the Razer last compared to the mate 10?

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