Dual-camera tech explained: Are two better than one?

What are dual-cameras and why do you need them? In this video we explain exactly what dual-cameras are, as well as break down the three different types you can find on modern smartphones today….


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  1. If we take smoe image from 2k smartphone and same image from 4k smartphone now which smartphone shows image like DSLR camera ?or show same quality and why?

  2. Oh, so it's like a thing for people who like photography. I was thinking about a phone with a dual front facing camera for selfies, but I don't I would make use of it after watching this video.

  3. I have an asus zenfone 4 max it has a dual camera why when I blocked the other camera with my finger it can still capture the whole image,instead to have my fingger on the picture,why is it like this? Is it the right camera is not working?

  4. Thanks for your video, So if I want to buy smartphone with dual camera to have more realistic colorful photos, should I choose the second camera be monochromatic than choose 3d camera or focus (depth) or wide or telephoto ( zoom ) , correct?

  5. It's laughable to claim that DxOMark's rating means that one camera lens is better than two lenses. Telephoto/wide angle lenses and zoom lenses exist & are used by professionals. Does that mean that professional photographers are stupid & should only use a midrange lens? No. The claim that other lenses have no use is nonsense. A telephoto lens will take a more detailed telephoto shot better than a digital zoomed picture. Multiple lenses are better.

  6. Asus Ar phone had a tri camera set up. For depth information and tracking used for Ar and Vr content. You should have included this in the video.

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