Google Pixel 2 XL hands-on review

The Google Pixel XL is here with its 6-inch Quad HD display, stereo speakers, squeezable sides, and sizeable battery. Costing £799 though, this thing isn’t cheap. What do we think? Check out…


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  1. Sorry, but it just looks really boring and bland. If you're going to be splashing out that kind of money, then another €100 for a Note 8 probably won't break the bank. Also it seems that the price isn't reflective of the phone, it's more reflective of other phone prices. Seems like Google just looked at the Apple and Samsung prices (which are also ridiculous) and set their prices accordingly. I'll stick with my LG G4 for another while..

  2. I’ve placed my pixel 2 order and swapping from iOS. Could you tell me what apps I can expect “built in” so I can work would which to download for the play store. Things like, is google pay built in, or is called android pay? Does Oreo have a podcast app? I’ve already uploaded photos and music to google music and photos app, so that will ok.

  3. I don’t even want to start in explaining what nonsense this guy was speaking but if anyone has any questions or concerns about the phone drop me a message.

  4. I already preordered my pixel xl 2 128gb. I am tired of this laggy S8+. I want that smooth stock android back. This samsung ui is a pos. I still can't believe the lag I get at times for no reason and with this good of hardware. Wireless charging is a joke anyways. If you want to charge your phone slower then a type c cable, go for it. Yeah the screen might not look as nice as the s8+, but all of that means nothing to me if the phone is laggy and buggy feeling. The 3.5mm jack gone, who cares. I never use it anyways, I hook up my type c cable to my head unit and android auto pops up on my kenwood head unit or I use bluetooth.

  5. The iPhone got rid of the headphone jack and got slammed by YouTubers but when other companies (Google Pixel) adopt the iPhone "courage" they never get criticized. Funny.

  6. Gotta say i love the design. So glad there are side bezels. I hate other phones that have the screen going to the edge and then your palm accidentally touches the screen. Better waterproofing would have been nice and wireless charging but a great improvement over the first. And camera, so far, oh yeah! Will i trade in my Pixel XL and get the XL 2….. Maybe.

    They had a good start although they were behind in the market. With this range they are pretty close to the current market and with the Pixel 3 range they have a great chance to match and perhaps surpass next years range, plus add in the final missing specifications.

    From a Windows Mobile user, to a Nexus user and now a Pixel user, i am very impressed. I prefer these way more over the Nexus range and Microsoft could learn a thing or two from Google here about keeping a phone relevant and alive. Although i still miss my Lumia 950 XL.

    Great video ^v^

  7. it says on googles website that we can expect security updates for 3 years but did they say anything regarding the lifetime of the phone in terms of software updates and android updates? will the phone get updates for longer than the standard 2 years?

  8. rounded in the fucking corners and isn't 16:9 ratio why is everyone doing this with the new phones both of these things are shit and just a cheap way of inflating the screen size with no benefit. there was no reason to have curved edges on this phone as the bezels are big enough to have a square screen anyway, it looks a bit dated already imo

  9. I was excited to see this phone, but I'm now deflated. Doesn't look ANYTHING as good as the S8/S8+ and doesn't even come close in terms of specs, (No wireless charging and not even water proof)
    If you want a good picture get a DSLR camera!! Initial thoughts are this phone is waaaaayyyy over priced

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