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The Overwatch APEX season 3 finals go to 7 games. ✓ Subscribe to ESPN on YouTube: http://es.pn/SUBSCRIBEtoYOUTUBE ✓ Watch ESPN on YouTube TV: http://es.pn/YouTubeTV Get more ESPN on YouTube:…


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  1. This should be a real sports channel, show us some Beer pong tournaments!
    Jokes aside, just because you are a traditional sports fan doesn't mean you have to argue with what others consider sports.. (I'm a huge real football/soccer fan myself) there's a huge amount of precision and reflexes needed to be pro gamer (in general) and it's not only that, this are in most cases really strategic games. You consider chess a sport, the fact is.. getting good at a game is as hard as getting good at chess. If you don't believe that, just try it.. play this game for 6 months and then come back at tell me if it is as easy as you think.

  2. All you people hating I'll bet just SUCK at these games. Playing competitive video games at the highest level requires talent similar to that of an NBA player. In the Smash Bros. Melee scene, the same group of players has dominated the way Kobe, MJ, Lebron, Curry have.

  3. With all due respect, ESPN, these players nor fans like myself don't care for your haterade.

    ESports is a growing industry and Overwatch is one such game that is on the up and up. Only a close-minded fool would think otherwise.

    But don't take my word for it. Click on the link and look at these names:

    Robert Kraft (owner of the New England Patriots), Jeff Wilpon (COO of the New York Mets), Misfits (whose investors include the Miami Heat) and NRG (which has Andy Miller, co-owner of the Sacramento Kings and Shaquille O'Neal) are a few of the names who have bought into the hype and wanna see this succeed.

  4. The like/dislike ratio explains just how many people actually watch ESPN these days.
    YUP, Esports is now televised. Get angry ya butthurt fucks.

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