10 Electric All Terrain Vehicles for Maximum Offroad Fun in 2018

We do agree that hiking is a great outdoors activity that can keep you healthy and helps connect with the nature. However, there is still one more thing that you can do outside and have twice as much fun, and that is off-roading on some crazy vehicle of your choice through the woods, sand dunes, snow or mud.

But did you know, that more and more places that used to be open for people who love extreme rides are now banning noisy and not too clean internal combustion vehicles?

That is the fact and the rules will only become stricter. So if you love conquering rough terrains, you might want to consider switching to an off-road EV.

Cars featured in this video:

Nissan LEAF AT-EV: newsroom.nissan-europe.com/eu/en-gb/media/pressreleases/426188778/nissan-leaf-at-ev-plug-in-adventures-goes-off-the-grid-in-an-electric-car-with-pioneering-10000-mile

The hatchback AT EV is based on the standard Leaf 1.0 in the Acenta modification equipped with a 30 kWh battery good for 155 miles in NEDC cycle.

Acciona EV: acciona.com/about-acciona/sponsorships/acciona-ecopowered-dakar

Acciona is a Spanish energy company that specializes in infrastructure development and renewable energy.

Polaris Ranger: ranger.polaris.com/en-us/ranger-ev-li-ion

When the Polaris Ranger first came out in 2016 it was the first ever UTV to be powered by a lithium Ion battery.

Daymak Ultra Beast: daymak.com/ultrabeast/features.html

Daymak Ultra Beast is a three motor electric 4-wheeler that works flawlessly in off-road conditions. Its price is $5,999.

Daymak Beast D: daymak.com/beast/features.html

Though not suitable for on-road use, Daymak Beast D is a great electric bike for dirt, water, sand terrain riding. It can develop a max speed of 30 mph hour and can climb 38 gradient hills. Daymak Beast D is priced at $6,499.

Fiik Big Daddy Lithium: us.fiik.com/component/virtuemart/boards/big-daddy-detail?Itemid=0

Fiik Big Daddy Lithium is an electric skateboard that masters just about any terrain, including sandy beach, grass, pavement, and bush track. The Big Daddy can easily accelerate to 22 mph top speed.

Rungu Juggernaut: riderungu.com

New Rungu Juggernaut is an electric tricycle with fat bike tired and the third wheel added in front for better control and performance in snowy, muddy, or sandy terrain.

LMX Freeride: lmxbikes.com/en/full-lmx-bike/88-lmx-161-moto-freeride.html

LMX 161-H Freeride is the first lightweight electric motorcycle that is both road legal and suitable for off-road conditions. The preorder cost is around $7,400 without tax.

Alta Motors Redshift EX: altamotors.co/redshiftex

This is a proven enduro motorcycle from a proven company. Built with the DNA of a motocross bike, the 2018 Redshift EX is ideal for experiencing the off-road world

X-Gev Citadel ATV Pro Quad Bike: xgev.com/autos/citadel-atv-pro – optional Describe tracks

When you need power and ability to get wherever you want you should be mounting the powerful Citadel ATV Pro.

Flux TRACK1: fluxdesignco.com

Track1 was designed by a young startup with a task to become the world’s most capable off-road electric board.


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  1. I dont think so. One thing to lose the charge on the public road, but when your tiny 50-mile range battery dies on top of a mountain, or worse in a deep canyon, your ass is screwed. No way someone could give you a canister of gas, you are gonna need a freaking generator in the middle of nowhere, not suitable for off-road driving. Shame.

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