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  1. Im still HodLing on through! Gotta keep the spirits up! Not buying much atm hoping for a lower price on NEO. Keep the Vids coming ?

    LTC- MEroVvaJHNz3mHzWjwbasEut2Uy1mUZdRo

  2. Looking like a healthy crypto market day. I’ll take the slow gains over the massive highs and lows any day.

  3. It seems that the correlation between BTC and other coins isn't as strong as it used to be… or it's just me? It would be interesting to see the numbers if someone has crunched them.


  4. Like you, I waited for ONT to retrace so I could accumulate more… and it never did! I want more ONT and WAN but when will the price come back down? Never? The temptation to FOMO in is real.

    LTC: LW6GEDsZGr8Gx9dKwHNq3wNv5d3aEDX4in

  5. I’m kinda in the same boat as you, I just have the small airdrop Ontology amount, to me it really has been a surprise! Didn’t think it would moon as mush as it has, as always great video and great content.
    LTC: LXt4evzjGNw97fkEXBwsKDXg7EZ85qqXFv

  6. You could've just as well gone to Binance and bought a little bit of everything… they really seem to be good when it comes to picking coins, hmpf!


  7. Golems making way soon and verge is just being grabbed up cuz everyone is hopeful for the announcement it helps that people are getting their tax returns as well


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