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  1. Playing offline with weapons id codes. This game gameplay and graphicwise beyond. Variaty of animal in this game its enogh to company call jurassic park ingen. İt can be more than a survival game witg arkpark rlease and or maybe easy starting with weapons. Fps still not good to like low cards but playable with a few shadow options tricks.

  2. My experience with Ark went like this me and my friends grinded for weeks to get the best stuff and someone talked us into going into the desert for a wyvern and during the transfer of our dinosaurs to the server the servers crashed and we lost all of our dinos since then we have been trying to rebuild on different servers but everyday we got back on we kept waking up to all of our gear gone and our dinos dead if you want to feel like you are wasting your life away play this game i gave up

  3. I have to disagree with a critique you have about grinding now I haven't played ark for about while but from what I remember you can change a crap ton of stuff in your single player world settings, including item drops, from everything being extremely rare to everything being extremely common. I believe the public server owners can do the same as well so I feel like that critique is pretty invalid tbh. It's no the game itself just your or the hosts settings.

  4. I don’t think any review can describe Ark. When it’s fun it’s really fun and also sometimes I have really fun grinding when I’m with my friends. But basically you like it or you dont

  5. A game that big and were talking about AI? On Minecraft I killed a polar bear and a witch with my bare hands. Go kill a rex with your bare hands.
    Too much grind? They give you extra XP on weekends and a single player mode for that? And PvP? Well you're god damn right you got raided. YOU'RE ON A PVP SERVER. PVP SERVER! one more time..
    Can't believe you derated it over what they game is about. At that point your opinion is just that

  6. It's a good game but if you want to play it for longer than 10 minutes without crashing you need a beefy computer. I can't even play it on the lowest graphics setting without fatal errors. My computer is better than the minimum requirement to play this game.

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