Dear Snapchat!

An open letter to Snapchat in 2018… …cya on Instagram: Video Gear I use: Tech I’m using right now: https://www.a…


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  1. I only installed Snapchat a week ago to check it out and I don't get what is so bad about the update, as in I literally don't know. I've asked my sister about it, and she tells me it became way too complicated to use, which to me was very surprising and I'm wondering if she'll make it in life if she thinks that's complicated. On a more serious note, I just don't fucking get, I'm not gonna use it anyway but would like an explanation from someone older than a 15yr old who thinks the UI is complicated.

  2. With the android thing it's not entirely about the fact that there's so many. If they would just use the android camera2 api they would achieve nearly the full capabilities of the camera. There's still some tweaking that could be done for each camera. But the results would be good, not perfect, just good.

    Focusing on the pixel seems weird since it's a low volume phone. If they should focus on one phone it should be the S9 (S8 when this video came out)

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