The Super Smartphone You’ve Never Heard Of…

The Elephone S8 is one of the coolest sub-$300 smartphones I’ve ever looked at. It features a super slim bezel and impressive 1440p display. Elephone also managed to pack in a fingerprint sensor…


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  1. damn for that much I can just get my new zte fix and turned on with money to go get hight and my phone is way faster to turn on way louder probably the same screen size maybe idk but yea nopw not worth it to me

  2. I bought this phone cause it looked amazing for the price… not sure if I just got a shite model, but the battery sucks. It's either defective or just really bad cause it often dies on me at 20%, sometimes at 40%… The back cam is advertised at 21MP but it only gives you the option of 16MP… They boast 4GB of RAM, yet my phone sometimes gets stuck with a few apps open (Facebook, Insta, Messenger) and the signal is pretty bad in some parts of my city. Lucky for me, it works fine in the area I'm in.

    I've tried reaching out to elephone's support team for a refund or maybe some answers for what to do if my device is defective, but they haven't replied to me on any of the contact links they have.

    Phone's still pretty big and the display is awesome. When this phone works as intended, it's awesome and I love it. Plays games super well and the camera is great.

    There's some performance bugs that could be fixed through system updates, but I don't think Elephone ever put out any updates for phones a few months after release, so keep that in mind.

    Tbh I wouldn't buy this phone again.

  3. There is nothing cool at a 6 inch smartphone, because I could also compare it to my 17 inch Elitebook. There isn't much of a difference in practical mobility anymore..and my notebook got like 1000 times the power and a decent keyboard.

  4. I bought this phone after my HTC one M8 started dying based on this video. I love this phone it's the biggest phone I've ever had but it's quick has great storage and the screen is great for movies. The Speakers aren't great but it works well with my blue tooth head phones. The phone came with screen protector pre-installed so no bubbles! and the case keeps it from being slippy in your hand. Over all I would buy another one of these to replace the old one or simply stay in the Elephone brand. Thanks for the advice!

  5. I'm not understanding of some verbiage…can this phone be used with a GSM network and also a CDMA? (that is new to me too). It holds two SIM cards (whatever that means) but I want a true "unlocked" phone like the HTC U11 that can be used with Verizon or T-Mobile should I change networks. Can anyone answer? TIA

    I bought this phone mostly because of your review and it proved to be a complete JUNK. I gave all my savings for it and now I cannot re-sell it back because everybody is scared of a phone called elephone.
    The phone loses his connectivity to Wi-Fi and band signal as well, the camera is a HUGE JOKE (I don't know how did you managed to take those photos), the battery cannot be completely charged and when it reaches 10% the phone will shutdown etc etc)
    FUCK !

  7. seemed promising , until i saw the consumer hostile lack of audio port , which is currently only consumer standard ….p e r i o d …. another garbage phone …. yes there was promise ….. but to use my best french

    fuck this phone

  8. Damn. I should've checked this out 2 days ago, before I bought an almost new Galaxy S7 to replace my broken S8 for now.

  9. Damn! Looks like my Infinix Note (which I got after seeing one of your reviews and some further reasearch) minus the upper part of the bezel AND there being a headphone jack. Cool!

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