The Evil Within 2 Review

Our verdict on the long-awaited sequel to the 2014 survival horror game. The Evil Within 2 Graphics Comparison – PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S vs. PC …


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  1. It's been like 16h of playing this game and i really like it. Stealth attack is the best cos i am playing nightmare mood. It gave me cringes while playing esp when got surrounded by zombies. I had to observe and see the zombie's pattern before i had to kill them. I kill almost all the zombies on the map because i just want to looth

  2. An 8? I hardly heard anything negative at all in this review, except that she said Sebastian's character was dull. What the hell do you expect, he's in the worst environment imaginable. He's not really suppose to be this charismatic-outgoing guy!.. Another shitty review. This game is way better than an 8.

  3. I liked the first game better than this one. Dont get me wrong, this one was great and all, but the open world kinda ruined replay value for me. In open world terms, theres like 2-3 side quests (that i can even barely remember) and most houses/buildings are closed off and unavailable to explore and when you get to travel to other parts of the town, besides ammo and maybe 1 or 2 statues, theres no reason to ever return back to them after you finished the main story there. Again, great game, but i liked the RE4 style of the first one better

  4. For me the game is a solid 9. I feel like I utilized stealth a lot more than in the first game. Not saying the first game is bad (hell no, I love it to death!), but the only time I really made use of stealth was during the latter chapters where sneaking past the Doppelgangers was the better option. The enemy AI was done well too, what with the erratic movements of the Lost making it sometimes difficult to peg the perfect head shot. The game play in the second game was fantastic, and I'm sorry, but Sebastian is a great protagonist. The sequel fleshed out his character. I wasn't too keen on the design change, but hey, three hellish years can really change a guy.

  5. This and the first game, amazing or could of been more amazing if the gameplay was more polished and less..fuckey.
    I always love these "reviewer gamers" i call them that really aren't gamers.

  6. I don't understand how you consider Sebastian to be worse in this game than the first. Not once did I feel him lacking in appropriate emotional responses and overall personality. He's certainly not a deep character, despite his backstory, but he's hardly Aiden Pearce bland.

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