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  1. Sana magkaroon nmn ng seryosong casters ang Pinoy pra nmn d tayo pg tawanan ng ibang bansa! Ok lng kahit tagalog bsta naiintindihan hinde yung puro kalokohan sinasabi sa pg cast!

  2. the lack of reference that revolutionize E-Sports the South Korea (Starcraft) way back 15yrs ago, tsk tsk tsk they made it as
    far as national sports competition and exploded like wildfire across the country, back then internet connection is lame for PHILIPPINES only a few watches through Gosugamer stream as platform. No youtube, No twitch. ATARI is the first console game, may fighting game din un through simple boxing

  3. Mag aral at makatapos ang solusyon.. 1:1000 ratio nyan..maswerte ka kung ikaw ang gumaling..e pano kng ginugol mo oras m jan tapos d ka napili ng dota teams..isip isip guys..pinakikinabangan lang kayo..kung mapili ka man tapos pa laos kana..e ano na mangyari sa buhay m..

  4. Kwentong Dota daw, tapos hindi man lang na interview ni isang Filipino Dota athlete.

    And if you understand the game enough, cringe lang ma raramdaman mo sa mga pinag sasabi ng mga shout casters na yan. They don’t really understand the game as much as you think they are.

    Disliked the video for being an utter trash. Like seriously, like what everyone is saying. This is just a Mineski advertisement. It wouldn’t sucked as much if it wasn’t misrepresented as a documentary of esports in the Philippines.

  5. future? mag-aral ka, iilan lang ba ang makakapasok dyan? kalokohan, marketing nga yan, hahahaha, para gumaling ka dyan, sa shop ka na matutulog, walang pinagkaiba yan sa bilyaran na nakatira, kung sabihin natin. mineski advertising yan, kaya marketing yan at ang manglalaro and artista, masmalaki kita ng mineski barya lang sa player.

  6. Yung mga parents hindi talaga nila naiintindihan ang industriya ng gaming pero pag nag work hard ka magiging success ka din pakita natin na pwede maging trabaho ito

  7. video gaming is a big industry and throughout the course of time, it is always ahead of its time. We might think that it is big just now because we are so late in the information. Gaming has been a big industry in Japan and in the US and we are just catching up due to the fact that most of us right now have the buying power to catch up as to compared to our previous years and with information being available to us in a much faster way ("thanks to the internet"). Sad that they did not feature the game and watch as it is the system that would inspire the atari systems ("or its the other way around, not sure") since its really the first video game console, then nintendo dominated the scene with the family computer and super nintendo, then a new emerging company came as sega and these two companies rivaled each other for years one uping each other then sony came with a new technology that left both nintendo and sega into the dust, then we all know what happened. Years later microsoft would create xbox and they would rival sony and in the shadows nintendo would continue to dominate the handheld industry and sega unfortunately would not recover and would be a publisher as of this date. Then the switch came, that solidify the come back of nintendo into the console industry, you see the gaming industry is complex and big plus it is a very old industry stated in 1972, that's just for atari for nintendo I think they started 1984.

  8. Seryoso pag nanunuod ako ng mga documentary about sa dota2 kinikilabutan talaga ako. lalo na yung about sa mga stories and
    achievements ng isang player and team. SUPER ANGAS!!!!!

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