Coinbase Adding ERC20 Support! – Coinbase Adding New Coins! – CryptoCurrency News PikcioChain

Coinbase added support for ERC20! Coinbase could be adding new coins soon! CryptoCurrency News!
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  1. Probably the worst show I've seen… this guy knows nothing about crypto… just reads out stats from coinmarketcap, then makes bullish predictions based on no rationale… NOOB

  2. I don't know if you're just out of touch or what, but gdax has 0 tokens, so going over to gdax to see what tokens they have will do nothing bro!

  3. I forgot to leave a comment about this video which I wanted to say I'm excited for ERC20 adoption and I certainly hope it's BAT. BAT + BRAVE with the current issues surrounding privacy and YouTube would really make this a great running start for both projects.

  4. Just want to mention something which in the long-run can be very positive for your channel.

    Honestly loved the show much better before the studio, the expantion is a great idea, however you are somehow trying to mirror someone.

    If you are going to be talking in front and showing yourself, don't speak so fast, it is hard to get to start enjoying it like before.

    Just talk slower and relaxed it's like you are trying to hurry and finish stops people from being able to enjoy it.

    When it's crypto and coffee, drink some coffee, enjoy the coffee….

    You guys got great potential adjust with the comments of people and you will thrive! 🙂

  5. Elevate the camera a little bit in the next video, so you look upwards to it. You'll look better a little better due to angles. Also, blink a little bit more, it draws people in. Lastly, you have too much white light going on. I'd say decrease it by 20%.

  6. I definitely don’t mean to be negative bc i think your channel has been great, however the new news studio thing isn’t nearly as good as your channel was before it. The ico piece i skip almost every time it just seems to ramble on and on. Maybe just review ico’s that u are really excited about? Then we could be excited about it maybe. Ico’s in general are just a pain bc we can’t participate in most of them in the states.

  7. I don't know if you'll read this. But could you make a top 10 failed cryptocurrencies video? Or at least something around that premise. I think it would be a pretty interesting video to see.

  8. Hey man your videos are so important to all of us in the community. In your next video I think you should touch on Vertcoin because it’s asic resistant and I think you should touch on Shopin for an ICO review . Do you have an email or group on telegram to join?

  9. Glad to listen to your videos without you using your obnoxious voice you used before. Your channel is 100% better with you speaking like an adult. Thanks

  10. CB needs to be supported in all countries before I will take a look at it. Once Binance opens in Malta and adds fiat pairings, I believe it will become the best exchange, especially if they remove their crypto withdrawal fees.

  11. Get all your money out of cryptocurrency is going down China is no longer investing money in it that money back by gold now

  12. Yo Zach, we need a longer video on this ERC20 news. What coins do you think will be added. I’m sure EOS and TRX will be added but how about NCash and other coins? Thanks buddy. Loving the show!

  13. There are no other tokens or coins on GDAX except the big 4! How can we know before the ERC-20's are added to Coinbase i ask you? Thanks CCNz all ur hard work

  14. The crypto market has been complete shit for two months solid…. I'm beginning to lose interest in this stuff…. I'm done buying, and trading, I'm just going to sit on what I have and forget about it.

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