TechRadar Talks – Sony Xperia Z3+ Announced

Already announced as the Sony Xperia Z4 in Japan, the name for the rest of the world has been confirmed as the Sony Xperia Z3+. Does it look to be worth the upgrade? We discuss.


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  1. the won't change the style so they don't redesign waterproof things again like samsung the changed device style but the lost the waterproof feature … also there are focus-ing on their device camera (mostly) and some board stuffs. but I wish they announce something new.

  2. What would be the next ? Z4?since it was Z3+ or Z4+ or maybe Z5 ? Sony, you make awesome phone but try not to confuse the naming of Xperia

  3. I'm hoping that this release is just to flush old product from the pipeline because, otherwise, Sony doesn't seem to know what they're doing. That they're pretty much a non-player outside of Japan (as far as sales go) should be telling them something. It's also baffling that other smartphone makers can get better results out of Sony sensors than Sony themselves. I love what Sony is doing with their compact series and was really tempted by the Z3 Compact but 16GB onboard just isn't enough nowadays. If the Z5 Compact has 32GB onboard, Micro SD and improved camera software then I'm probably sold. They Aldo need to avoid the 810 chip if possible as it appears to be a dog!

  4. I think Sony did the right thing when it changes the name from z4 to z3+ so the customer will not disappoint from the phone when it announce

    So the customer will think this is an upgrade version of z3 it's NOT a new z4 like the iPhone 5 iPhone 5S

    but Sony made one mistake. Z4 announcements in Japan.

    Now let's see what Sony will do in the future Cuz I couldn't keep up any further

  5. Its the first Sony phone that has interested me since 2010 with the Xperia X10. I might get it when I next come to upgrade, or at the rate they're being released, the Z4/5 haha

  6. Will the next one be called the Z5 then, like the video suggests at the end. Seems a little silly that the Z4 moniker will be completely lost everywhere outside Japan.

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