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Today we’re going to be buying the dips! Let’s invest $20,000 into cryptocurrency! Crypto Market Investing!
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  3. Wow you're spending a lot of money on a whim for some of those picks. Just because it's been high in the past doesn't mean it's going to go up again in a year maybe that was its peak. also I definitely recommend you looking to KCS coin, it's my fave at the moment

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  5. Holding strong the bull run will come but it wont come in the way we expect it to. Whales are moving the market not by buying crypto, but by buying the platforms that move crypto, the exchanges. LeyPCKLJLaA8t3scjBekTxQVU1JQWW7FqS

  6. Have bad feeling the market will continue down until Bitcoin hit 5800$ but still picking up crypto on the way down.


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