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  1. Good game, my only minor quibble is that none of the puzzles were all that tough – Limbo seemed a little more challenging but god damn this is a gorgeous and well worth the ride little game.

  2. This game really surpasses your expectations when it comes to a sequel, one would expect this game to be repetitive and dull but quite the contrary, there are many moments when this game gave me goosebumps and a lot more often than Limbo. Aside from the spider part there weren't really scary moment as opposed to this sequel. Props to the makers!

  3. gush over the game all you like. but facts are facts. fact #1: this game is at least 75% shorter than limbo in play time. fact #2: this game is much more expensive that limbo was at launch fact #3: the 'puzzles' are much easier than that of what limbo had.
    so yes it looks and sounds great. but all those facts i listed don't justify the price-tag. and you will indeed be like "that's the end?!" when the final scene pops up earlier than you thought it would.

  4. This and Bloodborne are the best games for me since half life 2. Imho Bloodborne is ways better then Inside but this means not that inside is not a masterpiece. I playd the game and 1 year later I think of it and how good it was. And then I playd it again. Other games that I like (except soulsborne): I think of it, put it on and after 1h, meh I know the story…meh off. This is what makes a game a masterpiece. Perfection is in the details.

  5. First limbo and it was ok but really hard to see what's going on. Then inside came and what a difference in graphics,! Wonder what's coming next?

  6. One brief mention of the sound design? Come on! That's one of the most important things in the game and one of the most amazing in any game.

  7. When I say this game is overrated, I'm not saying that because I favor Playstation or Xbox. The game was made to get good review scores, it has no challenge or gameplay but is so ambiguous that it is criminal to take it as anything but a masterpiece. In a 3 hour game the gameplay manages to repeat itself and even become boring at times, and the city is simply weak social commentary. The story is not a masterpiece, it gives us some ideas to think about, and because the game has been so highly praised, everybody assumes that it's genius and applauds it. I played through the game looking so hard for what people talked about, and after finishing I wanted to go talk about how great this game was to prove to them that I have great taste, but I couldn't. Because the game just isn't really that good.

  8. for what little mechanics this game has offered, it is impressive what the developers have come up with. Yes, the puzzles are not as demanding as Limbo's. In term of visual art though, this is a level above Limbo.

  9. In my opinion, this game got the rating it deserved. It's a beautiful, artsy, well paced and very enjoyable experience made by a very small indie team. I'm seeing a lot of people trying to shut this game down because an indie game got a perfect score, but that's not justified. You're comparing indie to AAA titles. AAA titles have their own way of rating, along with indie games. INSIDE had a lot of hype leading up to its release, the first impressions being very positive and the trailers gaining many views. I played the hell out of LIMBO back in 2011, it was and still is one of my favorite indie games. I followed this game from when it was a rumor to a leaked concept artwork to "Project 2" up until it's official announcement. It was well worth the wait.

    To reiterate, this is just my opinion. But you cannot blame Ryan for being an Xbox fanboy, or because of the fact that it's indie. INSIDE came out on PC and PS4 later in the summer, and the reviews were practically the same. INSIDE could have been shit on, but I can't find a single thing wrong with it. It's art. A masterpiece.

  10. The "puzzles" after the shock wave one completely put me off. Maybe it's just me but this kid doesn't swim like his life depends on it. He swims like he's in his home swimming pool.

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