Sony Xperia XZ1 Review

Check out our video review of the Sony Xperia XZ1 – the new smartphone from Sony. The bigger brother to the Xperia XZ1 Compact, it packs similar features in a bigger body, boasts a Snapdragon…


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  1. Look is fine – minimal, elegant. Sadly, Sony listened to morons like ^^ and created the XZ2 with some awful, glossy bulbous shit.

  2. I had Galaxy S8 for a half year. Now I switched back to Sony XZ1. And I don't agree with your opinion about the camera. Sony has a Much better camera compared to Samsung, both picture wise and video. Also had no problems shooting in low light. The design…. well it is also a matter of preference. Another thing, I had a hard time not accidentally touching something on my S8 while keeping it in the hand. And that's because of the beautiful but not so comfortable display. Specs wise the XZ1 is just like the Galaxy S8 if you don't go too deep, faster finger print, better audio and camera. but without the cool Iris Scanner.

    By the way never had problems with the Galaxy S8 fingerprint reader, Sony's is just faster.

  3. I just got the phone and one of the first things i noticed was that the flashlight is not bright at all compared to my xperia zl. That's a deal breaker for my. Has this happened to anyone? I need to know if there's something wrong with the phone.

  4. So you like the metal, you like the feel and how it sits in the hand, but you don't like the design. I don't see how you don't like the design when you like all these parameters. You basically jumped on what everybody says wagon. Zero research. I've you've done your homework you would know that the fingerprint sensor is there, you just need to flash the global rom. You would also know that this is the US gov fault, as it doesn't want user sensitive data stored in a non-US server.

  5. iphone 8 and pixel 2 still get stuck to their LARGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE BEZEL, they seems well……


  6. I'm very confused by your closing statement. If you are looking for an allround great android flagship get something else? What? Just because this phone has bezels? Pretty absurd. You might as well update every other review to say, if you are looking for a phone that actually has it all, IP68 and a headphone jack and an SD card slot, you should really consider Sony.

  7. Probably the only phone that looks good with a colored front panel since it don't have any black borders around the screen and the wallpaper helps really well with matched colors of the body

  8. That wireless charging theory makes so much sense. Why need it when you'll interrupt the process when you're trying to use your phone. Instead they gave glass back which is not durable

  9. How is the battery life in the phone. Though it packs 2700 mah, it scored better in endurance test than the Xperia XZ premium. Can anyone tell about it?

  10. this design is the best for me! i dont like the shitty bezelless design of iphone(i dont like iphones actually),s8(dont like samsung too!)..propably my next phone!!(or the pixel 2!) 🙂

  11. This phone seems awesome for some one that already have a notebook and/or tablet and don't need a huge phone to carry around.
    But for me I would prefer one gadget to rule all : Galaxy Note 8 with Dex !

  12. The bezels are there because Sony phones are all about the camera and the bezels will help with the grip and that you can press the "camera button"

  13. I hope sony will keep this design also in future phones. Those who wants no bezels can get another brand, not all consumers wants bezelless phones and its good that there are phones to choose from.

  14. With so many options coming out this year of great phones there's almost no reason to own this new Sony device especially now with the more compact pixel 2 why would you get an Xperia XZ1?

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