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  1. Like my comment if u think the defense is trashhh no matter what I do I always foul someone the weakest player can press triangle and that’s it he’s gone and when u pass they keep blocking it no matter how U pass NO MORE FIFA FOR ME ??

  2. I’ve been playing fifa since 2010 and I can say this review is fair but could’ve been even harsher. It’s garbage in my opinion. Visually amazing but gameplay is bullshit. Absolutely terrible. There’s no defense. You cannot defend. When you deserve the ball, you won’t get it. If the attacker is in the box, they’ll score. Period. Terrible I’m going back to 16. So disappointed

  3. by far the worst fifa ever. instead of upgrading they took out many things. In the Chilenian league, there all fake players, not even with the player pictures anymore. Where is Camp Nou? Mestalla? Signal Iduna Park? the game play is worse than fifa 17. Not a of upgrades in personalized player faces. So many over rated players. I regret buying this game. Hope 19 is not as bad.

  4. This game is definitely rigged. I mean common it's FIFA lol.
    Can someone please tell me if I'm in division 3, why the hell am I playing nerds in division 1 !!????

  5. After figuring out the mechanics, it's really not as difficult to defend. The learning curve is surprisingly difficult but rewarding. Defending more has to do with "keeping your eye on the ball" and out muscling attackers. The less you move your players trying to be fancy amd learn how they move its more understandable what you can do with what type of player

  6. This game is so scripted… Specially in FUT to force people to buy those god damn packs… Btw EA patched keepers to be godly all the time (had a game where the opposing keeper had 27 saves… Like 27! The keeper was rated 61 ffs…)

  7. "Not found in any other football game~!" Make it sound like theres 10 of them last time i checked it where only Fifa and PES but okay .

  8. Gameplay is that bad it's up there with 16 and have never quit a Fifa so early.Defending is just horrendous and you've just got to laugh when your defenders have a seizure instead of clearing the ball. Ultimate team is amazing this year with all the sbcs but just unable to go on the game with the atrocious gameplay. Spent over 150 this year on it so don't make the same mistake as me

  9. to be honest I really got into the FUT hype this year and was looking forward to playing as maradona or the original Ronaldo…I played fut for a few days And was like …what a load of crap!! the matches never seemed fair as the player with better players wins 80 percent of the times n even if u win its cause the other player had crap players so it dosent feel rewarding at all,and the contracts injuries haveing to suffel players over n over again it felt like a chor ,So stopped with the fut bullshit and m playing online seasons match instead

  10. All the people who hate Fifa have either
    1. Hit their head
    2. Never played football
    3. Lost to their 8 year old brother yesterday

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