Huawei P20 hands-on

We get our hands on with Huawei’s flagship smartphone, the Huawei P20. Dual-camera smartphone with sleek new design, and a notch. It also has a 24 MP selfie camera, 128GB of storage, as well…


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  1. Repulsive Samsung-Apple hybrid, Frankenstein camera centric phone( pro) that will probably under deliver in real life. That notch is unacceptable and if one can live with it, Asus ZenFone 5z is way better overall phone, with better UI and significantly cheaper. Samsung doesn't need to worrie, all others are doing all they can to assure Samsungs top spot.

  2. This phone seems like There was a nice design for this originally and then we saw the notch uprising and they thought they would add it so they could join the crowd! Also would have to preferred to have less bottom bezel and a fingerprint sensor on the back or side.

  3. Notch, no thanks. Such a stupid design decision. Apple will drop it in 2019 than we have idiot Chinese companies copying it, even Google are allowing for notch on Android P…. Twats ????

  4. Besides impressive numbers there´s nothing that cought my eye designewise nor software wise. It is a well made phone I guess, but nothing special… Plus you fit a fingerprint sensor onto the bottom bezel and put the the back/recent apps on the screen? Like tf is this?

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