Nokia 8 hands-on review

The Nokia 8 is here, Nokia and HMD’s 2017 flagship and we go hands-on at the London launch event ahead of our full review. What’s so special about the Nokia 8? It has three 13-megapixel cameras,…


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  1. as a regular Nokia Fan, what a disappointment for this one. Bought it on 10 Nov and needed to send it back for warranty repair on 9 Dec (less than a month). Screen was dancing and not giving access to any finger touch. Fantastic !!!!

  2. решил выебнуться одной рукой а она тормозит дизайн ОТСТОЙ как и яблоко 8

  3. Too big for average size hands – so all it's features become absolutely irrelevant if you can't hold the device comfortably, or if you can't fit it in your pocket. I want a mobile phone not a mobile computer. I wonder what the statistics are for people with big and small hands? Surely these smartphone manufacturers research things like this before designing a phone?

  4. There is no fucking black nokia 8.None of the fucking "journalists" ever visited Nokia 8's official website. Jesus fucking christ!

  5. I want to lick the polished cooper one. Man, this phone is gorgeous, Nokia is back with an amazing flagship. Specs are quite nice, but a bit pricey. 9/10 would still buy it.

  6. This Bothie thing is shit. Cant believe they are marketing it as a stand out feature!!! I had this option in my Xperia Z3 like 2 years ago.

  7. if only nokia has pushed through with the meego harmattan platform or went full android from the start, they'd be still the king of mobile.

  8. if only nokia has pushed through with the meego harmattan platform or went full android from the start, they'd be still the king of mobile.

  9. For all you bashers of Nokia think about it. This phone is running stock android and Nokia promises regular updates and can confirm this. I have the Nokia 6 and got an update earlier telling me I will be getting android Oreo very soon.

    How many of your generic Chinese androids will get updates ?

    As far as design…that is personal preference. I like the understated no nonsense design approach Nokia is using. Typical Scandinavian cleanliness. No gimmicky designs or features, but performance…and that is what ultimately counts and Nokia delivers.

    I am glad Nokia is back. My first cell phone (remember those ?) was a
    Nokia in 2000 and have had Nokia phones and smartphones since.

    Rooting for you HMD !

  10. @Azizul Akram
    Nokia still has a large fan base. I only went to Windows originally because of Nokia and have now bought a Nokia 6.

  11. @MrArbeter
    Don't see what is ugly about a rectangle with a very conservative build. I think it looks quite good. Got the Nokia 6 and it is a very sturdy solid phone.
    Good performance also.

  12. @anicetune From my understanding HMD is made up of many of former Nokia employees.

    I purchased the Nokia 6 and can say that HMD nailed the build quality. These are very well made devices.

  13. I love the shinny design. Can't wait for its release. However, the price sound expensive. But I still adore nokia. Lol

  14. It's not a real Nokia.

    The company that was Nokia died in 2016, with the last model being the Lumia 650.

    This phone was built by HMD Global, who are only using the dead company's name.

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