Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1’s old-timey weapons and vehicles bring immense personality to its compelling single- and multiplayer. Battlefield 2002 vs. Battlefield 2016…


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  1. Vai a merda mas uma vez voces naõ sabe avaliar jogos nota 9.0 pra esse jogo no maximo 7.0 ele é muito fraco ww2 que voces deram 8.0 é muito melhor que esse……

  2. BF1 is WW1 era u can roam around the map to kill but in real history your suppose to complete the mission by laying down or using trench for cover u can only get out of the trench if ur told to do so or if u hear ur captain's whistle andif ur just an infantry u cant use tanks and planes they have different class and u shud be trained or capable of using tanks and planes but Still ENJOYED THE GAME

  3. over one year later and i bought it first day ps4 still murdering kids online and haven't even touched the campaign yet; easily the best multiplayer shooter in a while. 10/10 no doubt

  4. Tbh I really wish Call Of Duty would’ve picked some other time period like the Vietnam War or the Korean War instead of getting WW2. With what Battlefield did with WW1, imagine what they could’ve done with WW2!

  5. This game shouldn’t show where a person killed you every time. If you kill someone its for them to figure it out. It annoys me that every-time you kill someone with a gun it reveals your location.

  6. I hate battlefield 1 i don't like the feel of it. The reason why is because it doesn't feel like a ww1 shooter. the only good battlefield games are the original

  7. Bf4 suffered for having like x4 more guns…? And bf1 is better in that aspect??!! Ign is insane the only thing better about bf1 is graphics And mechanics. All we need is bf4 remastered or remade with better graphics and you don't need any other game.

  8. Honestly this game is way better than any COD game on earth!!!!!! Sure cod was made many years ago but still this game has great graphics like never before and excellent multiplayer. And yes better multiplayer then call of duty. I got this game for My b day back in December, And to be frank with everybody, I gave up call of duty as soon as I got this game. I uninstalled black ops three and installed this!!! So I highly recommend this game to anybody. In my book it would be 15 out of 15 for a great performance. I just completed the war stories campaign so Onto multiplayer!!!!!!????❤️?

    P.s Battlefield one is more open than cod also by the way if you know what I mean. You also get to fly and shoot from an airplane, you can drive a tank and do many more fun stuff for your experience!!!!! Don’t be fooled by those battlefield haters, They just can’t afford this game because it is expensive but worth getting!!!!! ?????

    Need I say more? Just listen to IGN

    One last thing, This game does take about 60 GB since it’s more open but I just thought I should give you guys a warning in case you don’t have that much gigabytes on your Xbox. You can take me later

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