The $12 Smart Watch – Does It Suck?

Smart Watch (USA Link) – $12 Smart Watch (International) – This smart watch is not an Apple Watch. It does not use Android Wear software. It’s…


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  1. How they do that? By "employing" children for $3 a day, using recycled scrap for materials that has also been collected and "worked " by children with no shoes.
    Producing a watch for $0.03 and paying Amazon's fee for selling. To put it into prospective, Amazon's responsible for modern child slavery and you just look over the fact and and endorse them with you video. That is not the way. Yes at least the children have food but it is a fact that these children don't survive over the age of 35 do to the position of there environment. Don't take my word for it, look it up for your self hear in YouTube. China Pakistan India modern child slavery etc …
    Pollution of scrap metal in those country's. I cud cry

  2. I have the 12 bucks one and I’m getting an Apple Watch because the 12 bucks one is not having WiFi, WhatsApp, twitter, Facebook and if you connect your device with Bluetooth to your smartwatch then you can play songs but if you go at a distance of like 3 feet it will stop. Still, it is very cheap but if you guys want a smartwatch then don’t get this unless you like it though.

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