Tech Fail of the Year: TechRadar Review 2013

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  1. Reviewers are such dumb asses.
    No one wants to talk on cell phones if they have a home phone. No one would want to text when they can talk. No one wants a phone with an onscreen keyboard.

    Now look where we're at today! Stop trying to slow down evolution.

  2. There will not be a good smart watch until apple release theirs, then the industry will now what to do and focuse more

  3. The NSA spying on us is a thing that won't go away, if they can turn your web cam, smart phone etc into a spying device what else can they do. You would be better off just letting them put a cctv camera in your home. It's totally wrong but it's not going to stop.

  4. Apple has been getting a lot of crap for what they have been doing lately. With that said though, most tech companies like to copy off of them in one way or another. So Apple must be doing something right.

  5. Smart watches look stupid.. Get that dick Tracy or David hasslehoff shit outta here. Use your phone that your payin a arm and a leg for

  6. why would you want a smart watch you got your phone ffs lol damn soon people wont be able to tell the time without it being digital  

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