TechRadar Talks – Is The LG G4 Really Leather?

Images from LG’s own website have been leaked, from this collection six different versions of the phone with real leather were revealed. We discuss LG and design choices.


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  1. your taking crap. the fone looks amazing. and besides like i would take advice from two scruffy gits whom look like they could do with a good wash.

  2. the G3 is a very good phone and has the best camera hands down , if apple or samsung made a leather phone it would be best thing to happen to cell phones. so why knock LG

  3. What the hell are you talking about? Lmao. What are they doing using leather? Hmmm. Seems to me to be pretty damn smart. Look at cars. Premium gets leather seats. I believe it will be much smarter than the old glass look. Nexus 4 did this and iPhone 4. So this s6 is over hyped over the marketing target of general audience. Tech minded not so much. You don't add something that must be covered. Lol. Then take away the very staple that held your brand apart. Battery and sd support. Anyway. Lol

  4. Finally. A top end phone with real leather! Looks pretty good and leather is a very premium material. I prefer this than a aluminium phone with no micro sd card slot or removable battery.

  5. I love the leather design, will feel so soft and nice.  If i got one, i'll buy an extra wood back cover from some aftermarket manufacturer, like slickwrap natural series, to swap the look and feel.
    Loved it.

  6. This is just an opinion. However, where was this opinion when the Moto X Leather versions were launched? Also most other reviews (including the TechRadar best smartphone list) commend the G3 for a simple and solid camera experience and toned down, refined software. Videos like this undermine the credibility of the source and that's my opinion. And I do not own a G3 🙂

  7. You sir, talk like you never owned an LG phone!

    I have a G3 at the moment and I got to say this is best phone I have had so far (after having Xperia 10, HTC Sensation, One X, M7, SGS4 and note 3 in the past).
    The battery life of G3 has been way longer than those phones I previously owned. So your argument about the display killing battery life is totally pointless.

  8. LG better think twice before fucking up. People want metal or glass… pick one and stop trying to be different and not accomplish it very well.

  9. I'm glad this is a opinion piece because looks is objective.  LG knows looks is objective thats why they also offer plastic back covers in black white and gold.  I personally think the brown leather looks spot on since I've been lusting over the LG watch Urbane.   The back stitching matching the urbane's band is an awesome pair.

  10. Guys stop the foolishness… Design is subjective!!!

    I love that design and I've always wanted a leather phone…seems like it will be comfortable in the hands…

    Its just right… Not too slippy and conductive like metal, cheap feeling like plastic or a finger l print magnet like glass…

    The only thing I don't like is the seam in the middle but that's no big deal

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