Top 5 Altcoins to Watch Right Now! – CryptoCurrency Altcoin Watch – Crypto News

Lets go over the top 5 altcoins to watch right now! CryptoCurrency Altcoin Watch! Crypto News!
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  1. With all the hype with Ripple and your recommendations, I have jumped into this coin, **thank you for sharing all your detailed information on all your coins you shared**.. I am now subscribed!
    Great Channel!

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  3. Great vid. Really liking the $SUB pick, they are solving the issue of internet censorship and blocking access even with the use of VPN's. Packets running on the Substratum network look exactly the same as normal packets so access cannot be censored. Another coin I have has caught steam is $DGPT. Digipulse is offering a smart contract based, decentralized digital inheritance service. Already released a working beta, and with such a small market cap has a lot of room to grow once it gets added to a big exchange (which founder has announced in their Telegram!). Would love to hear your take on this one! Thanks!

  4. Wouldn’t investing into INS Ecosystem and Nucleus Vision be conflicting? One wants to get rid of retailers the other wants to improve them? Any thoughts?

  5. This wasn’t in the list, but NEO is almost a steal right now! Waiting for the absolute bottom to get in at these insane prices and just HODLing it and forgetting about it for a year or so. This market is hard to “bear”


  6. I don't know about you, but I would love to go to the moon with my lambo. ANd sure thing, the give away would help a lot!

  7. Why Ncash? Cool project but doubt it will work out, people buy mostly online atm and not sure I want someone else have access to my shopping statistics etc.

  8. Persреctive Telegrаm channеl whеrе AIRDRОРS are publishеd еvеry dау; @airdrop_yes AIRDROP – frее distributi0n оf tokеns tо everуone from differеnt ICOO. Giving onlу 2-4 minuТes рer daу on registrаtion in differеnt АIRDROР it is рossible tо еarn 100-300 d0llаrs per daу

  9. I am 5k in the hole, will be hard to climb back. Personally holding mainly BTC and ETN, may use BTC to buy some alt-coins mentioned in this video.
    LTC: MST9d2r1tZPdL14d7guReGMTKdW9vchtD6

  10. unsubscribed. this kid doesnt care about his channel or his subscribers. No info or suggestion during this important phase of crypto. not a great move. Unsubscribed.

  11. Crypto is not going anywhere, looking at it as a long term investment. Not so keen on BTC….but the likes of ETH, BNB, BCH are the main ones I know about, but always looking for new investments with what little I have to invest. lol
    Good video, subscribed as you’re informative on what’s out there.

  12. Hey Zac thanks for the breakdown mate. Think i will increase my SUB portfolio and get in on INS (sounds very interesting project – might even pick up a cheaper iPhone:))
    LTC – LaRjnwcz72a59uTNXbUrroXYUv6SrqvKJv

  13. CampusCoin is a great moonshot opportunity now! Just released their white paper on March 31st. Over 100 ambassadors on college campuses, just launched a free debit card for students, CPN free terminals for merchants. A potential 100x over the next two years.

  14. I have smaller investment on all except NEO and XRP. I hope NEO & XRP will take me to the moon some days!!!
    LTC: LgBpvWFVUKjYcdTPZyWT1xzQXyVPke8dxt

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