Altcoins are Running! – CryptoCurrency Bull Run? – Bitcoin Dominance Shrinking?

Altcoins are running, cryptocurrency is going on a bull run as Bitcoin is losing dominance!
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  1. I’m most certainly interested once this ICO drops. Looks like a bright future for this chain.


  2. There is a coin that is not a coin. Not trying to advertise, but it makes alot of sense. A coin's success is factored in accessibility, speed, scalability and sustatinability via useability. When a coin product superioity in terms of suprior proprietary blockchain technology has visa master, banking, exchange and is fully transparent. Then add value via continual hedge investments on disruptive technologies and trade, it has the right equation to be less dependent on coin market. And when this coin has signed a contract for 300,000 housing with billions in profit already gurranteed..then it's not a matter of if but when.

  3. I bought before ath, i bought during the ath and im buying right now, because i believe in some Cryptos

    Ltc: LSdHLwqee6ArBGB2kAmCwnSzdpsVSzyJ4f

    Eth: 0x5b91ccaaa88a8e13965b4897a18e5659d0541d70

  4. Great video. We are maybe two to three weeks away from a nice bull run. You hit it right on the head we are creating the foundation. I feel May/June play a big part in the direction we go for the remainder of 2018.


  5. I do believe that there will always be a need for BTC as it is more the Main Currency for Crypto. As BTC approaches the end of the supply limit you will see that we will be using BTC satoshi as the currency to purchases goods and services. of course this might take a few years to achieve kind of position. I personalty will be using the Alt coins to fuel BTC ETH & LTC

    LTC: LRi8DBtmPyW7D4sLHF7vwcpKioCtvH18w5

  6. Your logic is false & very faulty today. The crypto market is driven by Bitcoin and Bitcoin succeeding is key to any of these other projects seeing success a real success. Bitcoin is directly connected to blockchain no bitcoin no blockchain "do homework"

  7. At last Coño, a Youtuber has the balls to say that Bitcoin is becoming good for nothing. There are lots of projects ways better. Transaction fees so exaggerated. We don’t need altcoins to be pegged to Bitcon. Thanks body!

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