Crypto is Running Baby! – CryptoCurrency Bull Run – Crypto Market News

The cryptocurrency market is running! The bull run in crypto is here? Crypto market news!
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  1. Amazing that we are still running, BTC just needs to stay above 8k$, then we got a chance to call the bulls!
    LTC: M8Hsk4N8DkfqiV2j9VpLfSEz3EMmFsu44c

  2. All this green is making me sick! My CPA has been dragging his @$$ and still waiting for my refund! @%&☆¿
    Hopefully get to invest my refund soon.
    Great show, enjoy watching.
    LTC Wallet Address: LZUvcnCGNc4Jeho7wgrZjGDwuHTR6RDtFm

  3. I really hope nucleus vision keeps going up, since it’s my highest positionlll let’s keep this bull goin!!!
    LTC: LXt4evzjGNw97fkEXBwsKDXg7EZ85qqXFv

  4. how much crypto does that can of fresco generate for being displayed in your live feed haha. I feel like i want to go out and buy a can pmsl 😉

  5. Really nice to see some green, pity electronic are not joining this party but my portfolio is looking good again, especially xvg, BABB, neo (bought at 51) and ncash. I listen to this channel for a market recap when I walk my dogs, saves my eyes and some time! Mike.


  6. The feeling you have when the market is fully green is amazing and your attitude during the videos are great during that bear market it was depressing MHepjQTkQVCEzGe1Hu1oV8HRHeMpFqv37r

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