When Will Crypto Moon? – CryptoCurrency Bull Run! – Crypto Market News

When will cryptocurrency moon again? When will crypto go on a bull run?! Crypto Market News!
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  1. Remember, we want to be HODLing when the big players start buying huge quantities of coins and price starts to go up. The games begin mid-May!!! MBoQj5QLDcVXpeeYK7yXscHYWXp7Xk95r4

  2. Very Hard to know what to by and sell put in $1000 balance is $205.18 hope it rockets 10 fold but 50 in lite coin would help

  3. I hope they receive you, I feel like you are the best Crypto News channel out. I really appreciate your insight. I have learned a lot and consistently look forward to your videos. I wish I saw your videos before investing in Feb. Thanks for your input!

  4. Waitin for the Bulls to come….. what happened to the news stand guy tony? Havent seen him for a while….


  5. Is this kind of people still exist, When should we shut them down, everyday since 3 months mooon mooon, they know nothing they just making video reading news. So nooooobs

  6. Great video and info.
    I heard so many possible bullrun only come across crashes the next day. What is your top three altcoins with great coming projects?
    Litecoin: LKV7UKK8z5xLTQKD5Yig9ojVoG685eGhnE

  7. I don’t have enough in the market to even believe I’ll get rich so it’s mostly for fun now. However, seeing the sideways movement has been frustrating. That being said, I feel like we’re seeing some alts break out and gain ground in the market. Maybe this has been a painful 2 month correction after the rocket shot we had in January.

    LTC: Lhe7FMQipwXQ3T7JxMYP5tfq8p33Tqh2jT

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