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  1. This game is really something special. Its a hell of a lot of fun. The developers are open and communicate oftenly. I hope everyone checks this game out instead of bitching that ign is reviewing an early access game. Its $30. Good hunting:)

  2. Sure it is in early access, but Hunt is one of the most unique first person shooters i have played in a long time.The atmosphere, graphics and sound are great. Gunplay takes some getting used to but its really satisfying when you do. Overall, Hunt is challenging but alot of fun. Just dont expect to run it at a smooth 60fps unless you have a beefy pc.

  3. It ok if you want to review early access game but why a game like rust you wait until it out of early access? Can you make up your mind?

  4. "Still need to solve some basic problems." Then why don't you just wait for the final version of the game instead of reviewing it when it's in early access?

  5. Come on ign, you review an unfinished game and then say "there are some problems with the AI" wtf of course there is because it is UNFINISHED

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