Apple Integrates Ripple, Binance Burns Their Coin And Crypto Will Be Huge

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  1. I really liked your previous vid on the history of bitcoin. You're big on EOS, but never heard you about Cardano. Any chance of you doing a comparison? Thanks

  2. I dont receive your videos in my notifications anymore though I'm subscribed. Not sure why. I have to go to your youtube channel everyday.

  3. People act like a company using xCurrent is hindering their ability to hop on xRapid. The opposite is true. Using xCurrent is a stepping stone and means that they are even more likely to use xRapid.

    Please see the Dilip Rao video that just came out. Ripple and XRP aren't the same, technically. But bet your fucking ass that XRP is integral to the Ripple strategy.

  4. I don't believe Ripple will go to Coin Base this year. Coin Base said they are trying to add mostly ERC-20 coins. Ripple is not a ERC-20 coin, plus there is a healthy debate on where it lies in regards to is it …or is it not a security. While they don't believe Ripple is a security it is still very unlikely that is will go to Coin Base. Stellar will more than likely move over to it. I think its a good time to sell Ripple, wait for Coin Base to publicly announce the coins they are adding (Check their twitter) and then after the price drops, buy it below .50 again.

  5. If I buy EOS ERC-20 tokens and OmiseGO ERC-20 tokens on Binance and put them in a wallet now, when it comes to swap the ERC-20 tokens for their native tokens, does the swap happens automatically or do I need to manually swap them using MyEtherWallet or something else

  6. I agree with Kelly . I used DARPA net in the 1980s and it was very texted based and complicated to transfer information from LBL labs to JPL labs. Crypto feels like that now. You need to know too much to make it work well for you. Even investing requires research into topics you to which you have been exposed before. Its fun for me but hinders mass adoption. It needs a GUI interface and masking of the complexities. Waiting for DAPPS for the next explosion upward.

  7. Good video. My problem with Kraken & Kucoin is that I can't set a stop loss. I can on Binance and Bittrex. In a perfect world I would set a trailing stop loss by %

  8. The tax theory doesn’t make sense. I’m deferring my payment until Oct when BTC will be higher. I would be a fool to sell the low to pay taxes. Rich people aren’t stupid.

  9. Please do research via Ripples website and or Ripples YouTube page before making fud comments. Ripple will dethrone the kings spot (Bitcoin)!

  10. Damn ripple its under value, it should be at least $20 by now. I look at other coins in the top 400 nobody knows about them, no news at all and they are worth like $8 $10 and up to $15 so wtrf? It makes no sense to me..

  11. Ripple are really laying a foundation for widespread blockchain / crypto adoption. Hate XRP all you want people. Apple, Santander, Western Union, Central Banks etc – these are nothing small at all.

    When the big changes happen you won't be able to say you didn't see any of the signs. My opinion.

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